“Girl on Fire” Contest Offers Opportunities for Young Female Ski Racers

In collaboration with renowned ski company Tecnica Blizzard this October, Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls has announced the second annual “Girl on Fire” sponsorship contest for young, female skiers. Driven females between the ages of 13 and 18 may enter to win.

Montana native Keely Kelleher is a retired U.S. Ski Team member with a laundry list of titles and appearances in Warren Miller ski films, and an extreme passion for working with women in ski racing.

Potentials for the contest are incredible: two pairs of brand-new Blizzard race and/or free ride skis awarded to first place, a fresh pair of Tecnica ski boots to match. A 2015 spot to a race or within Keeley’s camp tops off the rewards for the first-place winner, making this sponsorship contest a must-enter for all teenager girls passionate about the sport of skiing.Keelys-Girl-on- Fire-group

In order to enter, Keeley’s Ski Camp needs two things from every contestant:

One letter of recommendation from an adult member outside of the candidate’s direct skiing community is the first requirement. According to guidelines, this means an adult teacher or coach from a sport other than skiing that the contestant has played. The adult must describe why the contestant would be perfect as a “Girl on Fire” in terms of personality, athletic ability, and individuality.

Secondly, candidates must write their own letters to Keeley’s. In under 250 words, their personal goals in skiing for the future must be described in-depth. They must list their involvements in community throughout the past years as a teenager, as well—school, sports, extracurricular activities and anything likewise related. Lastly, the letter must clarify the importance behind being a “Girl on Fire” to the candidate — what it means to her and how it will aid in the attainment of their goals within the exhilarating sport of downhill skiing.

Keeley’s Ski Camp—alongside Tecnica Blizzard—seeks familiarity with each and every candidate entering the sponsorship contest, and hopes for a large turnout. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity for the budding, female skier in your life. To sign up, visit blizzardsportusa.com/keelys-girl-contest today!

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