Our associate publisher won a Ski Canada trip to this suave resort. Here’s what she learned there.

La Savoie is situated in the middle of the bustling Pedestrian Village at Mont Tremblant with a cozy atmosphere thanks to dimly lit small rooms. Entering the restaurant is half the experience—you’ve never smelled anything like it. Since their main courses all revolve around delectable cheeses, it’s no wonder the place would smell wonderfully cheesy. The traditional La Raclette Savoyarde dinner is served on a heating stand, equipped with an electric plug that guests control themselves. The cheese wheel (yes you’ll receive a quarter wheel slice just for your table) is held with this contraption right above a heating unit. Guests place their plate, full of savory accoutrements under the cheese to catch it as it melts down.

The ski slopes are the centerpoint of this small town and the premiere lodging overlooks them. The Fairmont lives up to its name and rave reviews. This four-star hotel is perched on the north side of the resorts, overlooking the ski slopes on one side and Lac Tremblant on the other. A beautiful lake view rounds out a warm, well-decorated room. Not to be missed is their friendly greeter Umi, a former seeing-eye dog turned greeter, available to guests for walks and pats. With his doggie bed nestled front and center in the lobby next to the concierge, he is a focal point of the experience. fairmont.com/tremblant

With 654 acres of skiable terrain and 95 ski trails, Mont Tremblant offers a large enough resort to space out visitors on even the busiest days. The terrain is a full 50 percent expert and just 17 percent beginner, so don’t be lured in by the stereotypes of eastern resorts. If you’re a sucker for fresh corduroy, check out Tremblant’s First Tracks program, which allows you access to the slopes 30 minutes before official opening time. Tremblant offers a complimentary gondola to their very own casino where you can gamble the evening (or day) away. Need another idea for family fun? Lac Miroir offers outdoor ice skating conveniently within walking distance of the hotel and the skate rental hut is right there, too. tremblant.ca