Just because you remember when Hendrix played at Woodstock doesn’t mean you can’t still rip the bumps

They say that 60 is the new 40. Which means baby boomers need to stop pussy-footing around on the groomed runs and get back out into deep pow and bumps. And according to Joe Nevin, the 63-year-old founder of Aspen-based Bumps for Boomers, you don’t need a shot of courage to ski moguls, just a new perspective.

“Younger skiers rely on their quick reflex speed to keep them safe and upright,” Nevin says. “This approach doesn’t work as you age, because your reflexes naturally slow down.”

The former Apple employee teaches a revised approach to tackling bumps focused on three concepts: speed control, balance and mogul technique. Speed control and balance center on learning to ski with your brain and not just your body. Mogul technique consists of where to turn, where not to turn, which line is the fastest and which the slowest.

“Like Lance said at this year’s Tour, when you get older, you have to ride smarter,” Nevin says. “Skiing is no different. You can actually become a better skier as you age by learning to ski using your head.” bumpsforboomers.com.