Quick Hits | 6 of the Season’s Best Ski and Snowboard Films

1. “Paradise Waits”, Teton Gravity Research

Sometimes it’s not just about where you ride, but simply that you ride at all. Dealing with an unpredictable winter, the TGR team goes hard, throwing stunts and blasting down mountainsides when the conditions are right. But not every day is going to be perfect. Sometimes you have to make your own paradise.


2. “Chasing Shadows”, Warren Miller Entertainment

Get up close and personal with the mountains of everyone’s dreams in Warren Miller Entertainment’s sixty-sixth snowsports film. Travel along with the WME crew as they follow some of the most passionate riders in the sport along to Chamonix, Alaska’s Chugach, Utah’s Wasatch, and the mighty Himalayas.


3. “Between”, Shades of Winter Productions

From the master mind of pro skier, Sandra Lahnsteiner, “Between” follows some of the top female freeskiers in the world as they launch from the tops of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The cinematography is on point in this film, and watching it will make you feel like you’re up on top of the world with visually stunning shots of the moments when sparkling fresh powder meets a clear blue sky.


4. “Fade to Winter”, Matchstick Productions

Finding snow—a theme that streams through the majority of the ski films being released this year. “Fade to Winter” is a story about the pursuit of winter, especially when you never know what you’re going to get. Whether it’s in small patches, constructed into jumps, or clinging to the side of a rocky cliff, the riders in this film make the most out of every bit of snow they find.


5. “Small World”, Level 1 Productions

The urban ski shots here will blow your mind when you realize that cliff faces and mountains blanketed in snow aren’t the only places to have an epic powder day. The big winner at the 2015 International Freeskiing Film Festival this year, “Small World” captures incredible tricks being thrown down as well as the ski community’s feel-good vibes.


6. “After the Sky Falls” Nimbus Independent

There’s nothing better to get you hyped for ski season than watching some talented skiers and riders dominate lines on a remote mountaintop. And while the cameras follow along with Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler and Pep Fujas as they ride through deep pockets of fluffy powder, it’s clear that there’s a fourth character in the film: Mother Nature. For every backflip and ride over a pillow-topped tree, there’s a shot capturing subtle mountain moments that will inspire riders of all levels to get out and play this winter.


—Tyra Sutak

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