GEAR ON THE GO: September 2018

The Road Team is back in the Blue Ridge Mountains! It might still be hot outside but the days are a little bit shorter, our shadows are a little bit longer and we can smell the seasons slowly change. We had a wonderful summer out West representing Elevation Outdoors, but we’re stoked to be back East and see what fall in the Blue Ridge Mountains is all about. A new month means a new Gear on the Go. Here’s some of the gear that keeps up groovin’. 

Crazy Creek: Crazy Legs Leisure Chair

If you have seen us at a festival then you have seen these chairs! The Crazy Legs Leisure Chairs are our go-to for long days manning the tent or relaxed evenings at camp. This “captains style” chair comes with armrests, a collapsible side table, and a side organizer so you can keep all of your goodies within arms reach at all times. You have a few fun styles and colors to choose from. You can order one made with durable 600-D coated polyester fabric or water resistant DuraMesh. Due to the fact that our chairs are outside of the van and in the elements most of the time, we really enjoy the water resistant feature. The fold-up table makes the perfect happy hour companion. 

Sea To Summit: X Pot Kettle

When space is a rarity like it is in our van, we always turn to Sea To Summit for our cookware. We’ve used their entire line of collapsible cookware both in the van and in the backcountry. The X-Pot Kettle is perfect for boiling water for morning coffee or for making meals on a backpacking trip. The X-Pot Kettle is made from a hard anodized aluminum base with collapsible silicone side walls, and glass reinforced Nylon 66 handles. Like all of Sea To Summit’s products, the X Pot Kettle is extremely well thought out, yet extremely simple. You can stash two X Mugs or the X Brew Coffee Dripper in the base of the X Kettle making your morning hydration kit fit into a disc that is only 1 and 3/8 inches high. 

Lowe Alpine: Aeon ND16

One thing we’ve always loved about Lowe Alpine is that they make women’s specific bags. Their packs are designed to ensure that they perfectly accommodate the physiological and anatomical demands of the female backpacker. The new Aeon ND16 is the perfect do-it-all backpack for women who do it all. The Aeon is a new design for Lowe Alpine and we’ve found both the men’s and woman’s version to be extremely versatile. One of our favorite thing about the Aeon series of backpacks is the Flexion shoulder harness. This ultra-thin material will stretch out and contour to your body allowing the weight in your pack to be distributed more evenly. We’ve put our Aeon packs through the wringer and we can say from experience that they are built to last. 


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