May 1, 2011: 21:00hrs (Nepal Time)- Quiet time…

Photo: Peak Freaks- nice patio! (photo courtesy Conor Robinson)

Not much to say today as our team is enjoying time out. The weather seems to be pretty good up high with not much precipitation however our vacationers are down in the cloud experiencing flurries. Anyone in Lukla or Kathmandu like our second wave trek group are getting drenched while the four at camp are sitting in the fog, all signs of a warming trend.

Our Sherpas were busy today carrying oxygen to the South Col (C4) and everything is moving along nicely. The team is on stand-bye down in the richer air for a return to camp on the 5th or 6th. Possibly bumped up a day. We will make that call tomorrow as we watch the forever changing weather to see if it fits with our long term plan.