It’s the week before Thanksgiving, and like most people that call resort towns in the Rocky Mountain region home, the residents of Sun Valley, Idaho have spent most of November praying to the all mighty Uller, and watching their local ski mountains attempt to make snow. But powder, or no powder, this valley is still an unbelievable place to spend a weekend. It has miles and miles of flowy singletrack and multi-use trails, drinking establishments with enough personality (and mounted animal heads on the walls) to attract the great Hemingway back in the glory days, and that charming resort town feel that can only be found in places where drinking around a fire is the norm and calling in sick to work on a powder day is an afterthought. While the majestic mountains in the distance taunt us with their snowcapped peaks, for now, I’m content spending the day outside soaking in the valley’s namesake sunshine and watching the winter storm in the distance slowly roll in while I sip on some locally-made spirits and enjoy an après afternoon of my own.


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