As we steer the car into the entrance of Bears Ears National Monument, I can already feel it — how special this place is. The land reverberates with silence, and the sky outstretches its arms wide to protect it all. As far as the eye can see is nothing but nature painted in a shade of ethereal desert red and blanketed in a layer dust, everything coming together to make up the skyline. Majestic mesas rise up in the distance, creating a sea of mountains that seem to stretch on forever. As we climb higher along the dirt road that leads to the monument’s namesake, the sun starts making its descent behind us, casting the perfect light on the two mountain tops that together resemble the ears of a bear — the symbol of strength and courage and freedom in Native American culture. All around us, the setting sun lights our world on fire and we stop what we’re doing to watch it — to soak in every last second of the brilliant sun setting on Bears Ears.

Photo Location: Bears Ears National Monument, Colorado.

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