In the still of the night, the crunch of the snow-packed trail beneath my snowshoes echoes in the darkness, through the nearby trees and off of the mountainsides of Crested Butte, Co. It’s so peaceful, and I catch myself holding my breath for fear of disrupting it all. But the warm light from the Magic Meadows yurt before me calls, and a soft rumble in my stomach reminds me that it’s dinnertime, so I trek on. Inside, the yurt is alive with laughter, and libations, and delicious smells emanating from the yurt’s make-shift kitchen. I warm myself by the stove before devouring dinner. It’s nearly the beginning of a new year, and friends—old and new—celebrate with stories and hugs and smiles. With a full stomach and a full heart, I head back into the night, which is quietly giving way to morning. A blanket of brilliant stars guides me home.

For more information on the Magic Meadows Yurt Dinner Experience offered by the Crested Butte Nordic Center, visit:


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