Winter is only just beginning in Omaha, Nebraska, but it’s damn cold outside. The kind of cold that seeps through your jacket lining, pushing its way through each and every one of your layers, eventually settling deep in your bones. It’s so cold, I can’t stand the thought of wandering through the cobblestone streets of the city’s historic Old Market district anymore, and I opt to explore Omaha’s local (heated) taprooms instead. My taste buds are craving something light and slightly hoppy, but my shivering body is looking for something more. So I forego the IPA and the pale ale and scan the menu for something dark and malty, with a high enough ABV to start thawing out my frozen body. Then I find it, or maybe it finds me — a S’mores Brown Ale — camping in a glass. The toasty marshmallow notes hit my tongue first, lingering just long enough before giving way to subtle hints of cocoa and malts reminiscent of crumbling graham crackers. I take a sip, then another. By the fifth one my cheeks start to warm. Halfway through the glass I can finally take my jacket off. There’s still a chill that blows into the brewery with the arrival of each new beer drinker looking to escape the cold, but there’s an entire section of big barrel-aged beers on the menu, so I think I’ll be fine. When in Omaha in the winter, reach for the darker styles — those wise Nebraska brewers really know what they’re doing.


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