The desert is the great keeper of secrets. But the secret of the beauty of one its most stunning gems—Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend—is out. While the sun slowly sets each night, breathing fire across the sky, car loads of tourists, photographers, curious passer-bys, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers in search of the party, and throngs of mosquitos cram themselves along the busy rim of the landmark’s overlook—all vying for the best place to watch the canyon walls and ripples of the Colorado River light up in a kaleidoscope of colors that are nothing short of otherworldly. It’s truly stunning, and worth battling the crowds to see. But as I set my tripod down on the dusty canyon rim, between a couple making the most out of a selfie stick, and a man whose eyes never left the viewfinder of his camera, I lost the desire to capture nature’s beauty with a lens. I wanted to remember every color and moment of the sunset and forget about the overcrowded, loud scene around me. I snapped one photo and took in the rest of my sunset in peace.

Photo Location: Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

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