“Going to the mountains is going home.” – John Muir 

I used to think that home meant four walls, a roof, and a brightly lit porch light — the ultimate beacon of a home. It wasn’t until I left that notion, and those four walls, behind that I really started to find the places that I felt the most at home. I found home in airport lobbies, and in bars around the world that served my favorite beers from my home state of Colorado, and in the flecks of light that shine from my nephew’s eyes, even through the abysmal darkness of a computer screen. But time and time again, the place that I felt most at home was in the mountains. Without a roof over my head, I could see the stars in the night sky more clearly. And without four walls to hold me in, Mother Nature became my shelter. And instead of one light illuminating one place in this vastly beautiful world, the moon became my beacon — lighting up the places that I call home.

Photo Location: Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado.

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