For most travelers, Nebraska is considered a fly-over state, often forgotten and overlooked by the rest of the country. But for those of the winged variety, it’s a world-class destination for hundreds and thousands of migratory birds to rest their weary wings and re-fuel for the long journey north. During the spring season, birders flock to the state, sporting binoculars and referencing detailed birding books, to catch a glimpse of the great Sand Hill Crane Migration, which is considered one of the top must-see migrations in the world. And further west, in the nooks and crannies of the slow-rising Sand Hills, people quietly watch as colorful prairie chickens faithfully perform their mating ritual each morning—dancing through the tall prairie grass and sending echoes of coos and calls out to potential mates. And if you’re a lucky birder, you might stumble upon nature’s jackpot: a reservoir where white-feathered heads line the horizon and hundreds of bald eagles casually carry on—swooping down to the water for a meal and silently greeting those who venture off of the beaten path to explore one of the country’s hidden gems.

Photo Location: Calamus Reservoir, Nebraska

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