Editor’s Letter

When Spain feels like home

Quick Hits

Carbondale vodka, Fort Collins beta, the Luminoodle and more


It was a big year for naturalizing new U.S. citizens in the national parks.

Hot Spot

Check out Colorado’s hidden gems.

The Trail

Download the ViewRanger app for a November hike in Fountain Valley.

Straight Talk

How Joe Grant crushed the human-powered Fourteeners speed record.

Hear This

Community airwaves DJ Joel Davis talks playlists and dance parties.

The Road

Ryan Van Duzer learns how hard it is to bike from Boulder to Burning Man.


Colorado keeps a changin’.


Top Adventure Towns

Every year, we ask our readers to vote for the Colorado towns that best make both a big commitment to the outdoors and build sustainable communities. These are the winners.

Layton Kor’s Lead

Chris Van Leuven and Mike Schneiter set out to follow a Colorado climbing legend and set new routes on Glenwood’s nasty Mudwall.

Woodward Follies

We sent a grown-up with a glorious mustache to go and play with the kids at Copper’s famed freestyle school.

Colorado Gear

These toys are all from companies based in our own backyard.