The summer season is off to a rainy start, which means it’s a good time to invest in a good pair of everyday waterproof boots. From splashing around in puddles, to trudging through the mud and muck in your garden, to wading out a little deeper in the lake to catch the big fish, XTRATUF’s Legacy Boots fit the bill and are versatile and durable enough to justify the $100+ price tag. Triple-dipped in Neoprene, these boots are extremely water-proof, yet flexible enough to provide a high level of comfort to meet your needs. The slip-resistant Chevron outsole works on a wide range of slick surfaces including rocky shorelines. XTRATUF’s Legacy collection comes in a variety of options including 12 inches or 15 inches, with a variety of features, like steel toe additions, extra insulation, and laces or an expandable side gusset for maximum comfort and a customized fit.

MSRP: Ranges from $119.99 to $159.99

Pros: XTRATUF’s Legacy boots look like a real heavy duty pair of boots, and they are. But perhaps one of the best things about these muckrakers are how lightweight they are. Although they provide some serious protection from the water and elements, they’re easy to walk in and won’t weigh you down whether you’re traversing uneven landscape or working in the yard. And it doesn’t matter if you’re simply dipping your toes in the water, or waded in calf-deep, these boots keep your feet dry and protected—regardless of how long you’re in the water for. The Legacy boots are a great option for anglers looking to avoid the full waders set-up for low-key fishing excursions.

Cons: These boots provided excellent comfort during a morning fly fishing excursion on the lake. The cushion insoles provided support for the arches of my feet, which was much appreciated at the end of the day, but the design of the boot created a slightly uncomfortable bend that started to dig into the high backside of my heel the longer that I wore them.

Where We Took It: Springtime lake fishing in Colorado.