Down 'n Dirty: Trek Light Double Hammock
91%Overall Score

I’ve been meaning to buy a hammock for a few years now to complete my college-student-in-Boulder vibe, so when I got the chance to review Trek Light’s Double Hammock and Go Anywhere Rope Kit, I was raring to go. I pictured myself swinging above Boulder creek, or nestled down and taking in views from Chautauqua Park, or just lounging about and sipping beers in my backyard … and, let me tell you, this hammock did not disappoint. Weighing just over one pound and able to support 400 pounds, the Trek Light Double was an answer to all my hammock dreams. It was light, it was breathable, it was easy to get in and out of and, perhaps most importantly, it looked super cool. And so began a succession of weeks when I would get home from lab, set up my hammock and blissfully swing away all the residual anger about how my code wasn’t working (if you don’t know I am a research assistant in the Physics department at the University of Colorado).

Pros: Where to start? First, the Double is incredibly spacious. Even if you have two people nestled in one there’s ample room. When solo hammocking I never felt swallowed up by the fabric, either: The material conformed to my body and made for some relaxing afternoons. It was more than long enough, a rarity since I’m six feet tall. It’s also incredibly easy to set up. As someone who spends hours (days?) piecing together a simple piece of Ikea furniture, I had my smart phone on hand, ready for a slew of Google inquiries on how to hang up a hammock. I didn’t touch the screen once. I would highly recommend getting the rope kit with your hammock. This allowed me to set up almost everywhere, and the carabiners make it even easier.

Plus, for every hammock you buy Trek Light will plant not one but two trees– and who wouldn’t feel good about that?

Cons: The rope attachments for the hammock didn’t have notches on them, which made tying it up on different length trees slightly inconvenient. I had to tie a new knot for a few different tree placements, and prefer hammocks with notches on the ropes.

Where I took it: Camping in the Sawatch Mountains, my backyard, the Boulder Creek path, local parks, etc.