I’m utterly buried by a deadline and have zero time to write, but even if I did, I couldn’t top the Bike Snob’s blog. Well, I might be able to if you injected MDMA and Adderall directly into my hippocampus, put Luca and Dominic into a foster home, finished our garage remodel, and delivered a completed manuscript to my publisher by November 1…but, you know, that would take time and time is money and all our greenbacks go to Home Depot these days…so.

Anyway, it’s just better for everybody if you tune in to Bike Snob NYC and get the good word, on a daily basis. It’s–just–so–good.

Go. Now.

(And let me know if you think I should refer to him as “The Snob,” “Snob,” “The Bike Snob”…or what. And oh yeah, I think I met him at a party once. I can’t really wear it as a feather in my cap, though–I didn’t realize it was him. Perfect.)

Bike Snob’s official stamp