With record setting freezing temperatures in Colorado and a new strain of the Norovirus, the usual culprits of Winter bugs are creeping up- it is drier, we don’t tend to sweat as much and it takes more energy to keep our bodies warm. Now is a good time to ward off those creepers and warm-up while detoxifying.

Detoxifying rids the body of toxins that are built up in our bodies from stress, the environment and our food. Toxins contribute to illness by wearing down the immune system. There are many great ways to detoxify your body and mind this über chilly season so it just depends on how much time you have to invest.

Read on to find what fits your schedule best. You may only have time during your lunch hour to detox or maybe you have a whole weekend. Following are options to benefit a healthy immune system based on how much time you have in your day.


green blanketWith not much time to spare go for a penetrating, hot experience at Sound Health Boulder by trying out the infrared sauna. When used for a sauna, infrared heat is able to deeply heat the body by being absorbed through the skin. It is known for lowering blood pressure, assisting with weight loss by burning up to 700 calories and fighting against disease through detoxification. My first time going, after spending 30 minutes of dripping sweat, I had no doubt as to its detoxifying benefits. Once I looked at the towel, however, I was freaked out about what I saw. Brooke Weathers, health practitioner, explained to me that the blue/grey sweat drops I was seeing on the white towel were from metal and chemical toxicity which can come from the water we drink, polluted air, cosmetics and even the food we eat.  A 30 minute session is $45. 1625 Folsom Street Boulder, CO 80302.
Phone #303-442-0122


the little yoga studioHop over to the Little Yoga Studio in Boulder and participate in the Detox Level II class. This is the best class I have ever attended. The instructor, Amy Benton, knew how to put together a sequence full of twists and compressions that flowed together naturally. She brought awareness to what way each position was detoxing the body and was very knowledgeable. As we moved from fast paced Donkey Kicks (imagine a donkey kicking its butt) directly to the Tip-Toe Balance pose we practiced calming down our breath and minds in times of pressure. At the end of class, I laid in Savasana feeling cleansed both physically and emotionally. If this class sounds too intense, Little Yoga Studio offers nine styles of yoga to choose from including beginner to advanced levels. All drop-in classes are $10 each. 2525 Arapahoe Ave, Unit E42 Boulder, CO 80302.
Phone #303-444-4950


Opening in 1927 in Denver, the Lake Steam Baths offer an incredible, relaxing environment for getting out of the cold and warming up! Begin in the Eucalyptus steam room, where your sinuses and pores will be thoroughly opened. Then cleanse and relax in a roomy sauna with wooden benches. When you become sweltering hot, use buckets of cold water to pour on yourself.

End by soaking in a whirlpool. If any woman in my family is having a birthday, is going through a tough time or we are looking for an excuse to gather together we always go to the Lake Steam Baths. Highly suggested is getting a massage (sign-up when you arrive, $30 for an hour session) and/or salt scrub ($10). Clothing is very discouraged. Call to find out if the Ionic foot bath is being offered the day you go. You can bring your own food or eat at the small deli. General admission is $17. Men’s Days and Hours: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10:30am-10pm. Sunday 6am-3pm. Women’s Days and Hours: Monday 11am-10pm, Thursday 8:30am-10pm. 3540 W. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80204-1511.
Phone #303-825-2995


Mt. Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers natural hot springs with some of them stationed directly in the river along with soaking pools and an exercise pool. Enjoy the spa which offers massages, facials, salt scrubs and more. Soaking in natural hot springs whilst taking in the view of snow covered pine trees is a peaceful way to cleanse over the weekend. If you are feeling depressed or in need of a new start in life, take a seat in the river and your senses will quickly be rejuvenated. For overnights, there is an option of staying in the lodge or cabins. 15870 County Road 162, Nathrop, CO 81236.
Phone #888-395-7799