Timbuk2 Full-Cycle Messenger Bag

Your hip accessory checklist is not complete without at least one messenger bag in your collection, for the grocery store, work, the coffee shop, gym, as well as for bike races, day trips and easy continental overnights. The new Timbuk2 Full-Cycle messenger bag is now the first environmentally certified (Bluesign) messenger bag on the market, made from 100 percent recycled materials, primarily PET woven ripstop fabric.

Messenger bags are designed to hang efficiently and comfortably across the shoulder and are ideally suited for laptops and notebooks. The Full Cycle features the same comfort and organizational strategies as Timbuk2’s classic messenger bag, only with a little more social consciousness, and en equal helping of style. The bag is so loaded with details it’s tough to list them all, but most importantly, the Full Cycle features an internal padded pocket against the back wall perfect for a laptop; easy open, easy close Velcro closure; an internal organizer for pens, cards, phone, etc.; front stash pockets with a key lanyard; a secret pocket; an included cross-strap for stabilization; and a matching shoulder strap pad.

The messenger bag is one of those urban icons that has made the transition into the outdoor-sporty world. The tool dates back to New York City in the 1970s, where bicycle messengers adapted thick canvas bags to safely carry their loads around town (the first manufacturer is commonly believed to be Globe Canvas). By the next decade bag manufacturers began to appear in every major metropolitan area and the legends of the bike messenger began to spread far and wide. Timbuk2 was one of the first companies to bring messenger bags to the masses, founded in 1989 by a messenger in San Francisco, and they’ve done nothing but massage and grow the category, as well as the company, ever since. In 1994 Timbuk2 began customizing the colored panels on their bags for bike messengers, and was an e-commerce innovator by launching the customization online in 2000.

Once you try this messenger bag and love it, there is actually an entire line of Full Cycle products available this fall, all Bluesign certified and made from 100 percent recycled materials, including laptop bags and tote bags.

Info: www.timbuk2.com

Available in: S $89; M $99

Colors: Gunmetal grey; Blue

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