September 2017

Straight Talk: The Superfan

To celebrate our readers in this issue, we sought out someone who loves Elevation Outdoors and lives and breathes the healthy, active lifestyle we embody. Meet Jeremiah Osborne-Gowey.

Local Hero: Michael Brown

Emmy-winning filmmaker, Michael Brown, loves to teach.

Gear: Bikepacking

Want to get out for a night or more with your trusty steed? We run down what you will need, and where to pack it, to head out on the ultimate, two-wheeled big mountain adventure.

Numerology: The Conservation Alliance

Do the math. This outdoor industry supported organization funnels much-needed cash to grassroots conservation groups.

White Rim Remembrance

A group of mountain bikers honor their friend, the world-famous photographer Doug Pensinger, by tossing his ashes into the Canyonlands winds.

Young Blood

Meet seven young Rocky Mountain activists and athletes ages 26 and under who are working to build a better world.