Rocky Mountain National Park Winter Updates

As late fall brings colder temperatures and possible snow, visiting Rocky Mountain National Park can be a majestic sight to behold—with the right kind of planning. 

Open to visitors 24/7, the timed entry reservation system will no longer be in effect for the winter season starting Oct. 12, 2021. However, much of the park will become inaccessible due to road closures and heavy snowfall.

The highest continuous paved road in the U.S. is Trail Ridge Road, a scenic bypass cresting at 12,183 feet, which connects the east and west sides of the park. Due to its high elevation, exposure, and unsafe conditions, the road typically closes mid-October through late May. In the winter, the road is open up to Many Parks Curve.

Old Fall River Road typically closes between late September through late May as well. Park officials may also close other roads throughout the park depending on snowfall.

To stay updated on the park’s most current road conditions and closures, you can find more information here or call 970.586.1222.

Cover photo by Sonja Wilkinson, courtesy of Unsplash

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