May 2011

Read the Rock: Stone Mountains

The lofty—320 oversized pages and weighing the same as a small climbing rack—Stone Mountains: North America's Best Crags (2011, Potlicker Press) by Jim Thornburg is the result of one man’s 20-year obsession with climbing and photography.

Spring Fever

Flows are up after a big snow year and it’s time to get out on the water. Whether you are heading to the local lake, canyon run, whitewater cataract or surf wave, we have chosen the best boats to keep you on top.

Butting Heads: Gym Rat Race

Half of you love the CrossFit workout, half think it’s crack. So to sort things out we brought Coppolillo back and faced him off against CrossFit convert Allison Pattillo.

Making Waves

Colorado may be famed for its natural wonders, but it also leads the nation in imitating nature when it comes to rivers. The Centennial State is home to the most whitewater parks in the country. And these parks are helping local economies as well as changing the legal landscape when it comes to water rights.

The Ballad of Mutt: Words of wisdom from an...

It was late June 1994. The marquee outside the Circus Circus read 112 degrees at dawn that morning. We were 10 shows into a summer Dead tour—about halfway through—and deep, deep into tour groove.

African Vibrations

Forget Burning Man. The Festival au Desert, held every year deep in the Sahara, is the world’s ultimate music festival and global get-together.