June 2013

Editor’s Note: Making a Difference

Editor Doug Schnitzspahn celebrates all those activists, protestors and everyone making a difference in the environment and beyond.

Beyond Adventure Speaker Series: Speaking to the Core

According to the Beyond Adventure Speaker Series, being a dirtbag can pay.

Feeling the Cuts: Sequestration and Colorado Parks

A hard look at the effects of budget sequestration on Colorado’s National Parks—and what you can do to help protect the places where we play.

The Play Pen: Take the Family to Vail This...

Need some place where kids bored by summer break and their exasperated parents can blow it all sky high? Head to Vail this summer, where the vibe is far more mellow than winter and the mountain is investing in making it easy for families to play together.

Life on Fire: Jill Hueckman and the AZTR

Durango’s Jill Hueckman became the first woman to complete the epic AZTR 750 bikepacking mountain bike race. How did she do it?

Hardrock 100: The Joy of Suffering

The Hardrock 100 dares you to climb the vertical equivalent of Mount Everest, without oxygen or Sherpas, and you only have have 48 hours to do it. Is this the toughest athletic challenge in the known universe?