Summer Gear Shenanigans

Photos by Marie-Dominique Verdier

Some people take themselves seriously. Others take their clothing seriously. Still others take little seriously but wear seriously-made clothing for fun. I’m in the third category. It is probably a preemptive thing: If I laugh at myself, others are likely to join. Better they laugh with me rather than at me, right? The following outfits are hopefully slick enough that people will only smile not laugh at the buffoon who’s wearing them.


Sometimes TSA agents ask me if I’m a climber. Well, being as gravitationally-challenged as I am, I often have to climb shelves, as I did here at the world headquarters of The Feed. It is a good thing I tipped over Clif bars because the beet and banana Organic Energy Food would have left a mess and done its best to stain the DWR-coated 1. Swrve Lightweight Regular Fit Shorts ($85; and odor-fighting, silver X-Static and Lycra fabricated 2. Lululemon Evolution Polo ($88; But the 3. Stance Pace OTC socks ($36; are pugnacious enough that they’d likely challenge any potential stain to a rumble.



Life can feel upside down at times, but Arc’teryx tends to right the world, especially if you wear sport-friendly clothes capable of passing the sniff test at the office. The 1. A2B Commuter Jacket ($225; features a big reflective strip behind the collar and on the cuff for night safety that’s easy to fold away for daily presentation while the 2. Peakline SS Shirt ($75) counts as a “work shirt” because it has both a collar and buttons. It’s not the shirt’s fault that it’s made from a breathable, moisture-wicking blended textile. And the 3. A2B Chino Pant ($119) is trim fitting (or loose for non-chicken-legged runners) and conveniently water repellant should a kid toss milk at you in an effort to evacuate you from the playground rings.


Nevermind that I’m a goofball. At least I know how to make a splash at Boulder’s University Inn pool by wearing a 1. Tracksmith Signature Tech Tee ($68; And when I do imitate Nirvana, I wear moisture-wicking shorts like the 2. Lululemon Kahuna Short 2 Quick Wick ($78;