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Outdoor Insurance

Buddy seeks to provide coverage for adventurers.

Jay Paul is a mountaineer, paddler, cyclist and triathlete—he also works in insurance. So he knows how hard it can be for outdoor enthusiasts to find affordable coverage. Many plans up their rates or deny plans for adventurous souls. So he co-founded Buddy, an on-demand insurance plan that can be purchased annually or even for just one day.

“The average individual deductible today is over $4,000,” says Paul. “Even good plans have deductibles of over $1,000. That needs to be paid prior to co-payments and other costs being added to the total financial cost of an accident. At Buddy we pay benefits directly to our customer—not the medical provider or facility. Our customer can do whatever they want with the benefit.”

Buddy is currently licensed in seven states including Colorado and is partnering with local organizations including the Colorado Mountain Club.

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