July-August 2014

Polar Explorer Eric Larsen and His Record-Setting Sprint to...

Larsen, who in 2010 was the first person in history to successfully complete expeditions to the South Pole, North Pole and the summit of Mount Everest in a continuous 365-day period, described it as “one of the most difficult expeditions” he has undertaken.

Elevation Outdoors’ Spectator’s Guide to the USA Pro Challenge

If you are really serious about being a part of the scene, consider one of the race’s hospitality packages. They range from spots at each start to luxe lodgings along the way to opportunities to race the course along with coaches and mechanics.

The Battle of the Birkenstock

Mike Rogge says the comfy (and now vogue) shoe with a proud history is long done with its hippy, drippy stereotype. Peter Kray’s response? They stink.

The Hollywood of Rock: An Ode to the Joys...

I learned to climb in Colorado, on the Front Range, where we have 10,000 climbing routes within a two hours’ drive of the center of a city of three million people—sport, trad, bouldering, alpine, ice—and I’ll argue with anyone who thinks their city has better climbing access (operative word being “city”).

Top Gear Picks for Summer 2014

Meet the gear that got us through these dog days with a big smile on our faces.

Best Climbing Gear

We put a garage full of climbing gear to the test this season. The stuff that performed best will make those days up high more comfortable, safer and maybe even push you to new limits.