We are the Millennials. This is Our Gear.

Ok, I didn’t vote for the style of this generation, but I have to admit, it does look good at times. I guess. At least it looks good on two beautiful people when we brought them out to the Boulder foothills to look… well Millennial. Here’s what they wore. As far as whether this stuff will go the way of bell bottoms and the mullet when the Millennials find all of the attention that has been bestowed on them by popular media and trendseekers all of a sudden shifts to a new greatest-ever-generation, you be the judge. In the meantime, here’s our rundown of the gear you need to dress the part.

1. Backpack.

Since Millennials are lazy and unemployed, they spend 100-percent of their time drinking coffee, traveling the world and gazing out at the stars with their headlamps on. You’ll need a pack that combines that classic outdoor aesthetic with modern functionality to convey your nomadic lifestyle to the rest of the world. Topo X Woolrich Rover Pack; $189

View More: http://cavemancollective.pass.us/batch-1

2. Flannel.

How many plaid shirts do you own? Cool, that’s not gonna cut it. Get approximately 11 more because you are about to wear the shit out of them. Long sleeve flannels are the best because they feel like pajamas, but make you look like a Brawny paper-towel man. Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt; $89


3. Camping Blanket.

Nothing says “I woke up like this” quite like wearing a blanket. Whether you’re standing by a lake or posing on train tracks, wrap yourself in one of these to instantly feel the presence of that infamous PNW fog. It should be worn to look like it can fall off at any moment. And it might! That’s the fun of it! You’re so chill, you don’t even care. Woolrich Pacific Crest Trail Blanket; $185

4. Jacket.

Aim for something that looks like you stole it out of your grandfather’s closet: vintage and trampled by horses. Running to the coffee shop on a cold day? No need to take off your snuggie. Just layer on that chic-enough coat, throw on some boots and make it look as though you’re wearing a functional human outfit. Fjallraven Räven Women’s Jacket; $250


5. Glasses.

Millennials spend an irresponsible amount of money on eyewear. Why? Because there’s lots of sun and we like to look smart. Zeal Barstow; $250

6. Hat.

A wide-brim hat is the defining staple of every manic pixie dream girl. The second you place it on your head, your life becomes a Pinterest board, and you are floating through it with all of the effortless refinement that makes everyone secretly jealous. Brixton Wesley Fedora; $52

7. Boots

They are just truly the perfect shoe, so easy to dress up or down, so easy to meld into nearly any outfit of almost any color scheme. If you don’t have a good pair of brown riding boots, you might as well just quit your whole life, as you have already decided to have a lackluster autumn. Chaco Barbary; $150


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