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Colorado Mountain College wins the Elevation Outdoors Top Adventure College READER POLL FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW.

Once again, Colorado Mountain College (CMC) crushed the Top Adventure College poll that it won last year, beating out 32 other schools and prestigious programs (and former winners) including Western State Colorado University, Prescott College, and the University of Utah. Upstart Red Rocks Community College ( took second place. But really it should be no surprise that CMC took top honors for a second straight year. With 11 campuses located from Steamboat Springs to Aspen to Breckenridge, the school puts a premium not just on experiencing the outdoor adventure in its mountain towns, but also on building a career that can keep grads involved in and adding to the wider outdoor community—be that working as a ski patroller, life-flight nurse or CEO at an outdoor gear startup. CMC is even offering a new Avalanche Science program developed with the Colorado Avalanche Information Center to educate snow safety professionals.

    The school maintains that outdoor education is good medicine for any profession. CMC President Carrie Hauser believes that more time in the wilderness can make for a better world. “Just imagine if every sixth grader, or college freshman, or new employee at a company spent a few days, or more, on a wilderness trip,” she said. “It is through such an experience that participants of any age come to appreciate and value our fragile planet, contemplate ways to make a difference, and rally others to do the same.”

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