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Message On a Bottle

Message on a BottleBottled water is an unnecessary waste that sucks up valuable resources—at least according to Swobo Bikes. The company usually encourages customers to buy a Swobo water bottle and fill it with good ol’ tap water. But the San Francisco-based purveyor of single-speed cool is taking its  mission a step further:

Once you’re ready to retire your water bottle, Swobo hopes that you’ll help flood the Nestle Water Bottling Corporation with the message that creating containers to hold tap water is better business than trucking bottled water all over the world, and so Swodo has conveniently printed a message on the side of the water bottle that’s directed to Nestle. Simply affix the proper postage and mail. (Nifty way to turn a water bottle into a soapbox, eh?)

“We’ll see,” says Swobo’s Tim Parr. “Like everything else we do, this seemed like a lot more fun than just making water bottles.” All Swobo water bottles are biodegradable/recyclable/recycled.

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