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Bow Wow

When your pooch gives you that look, it doesn’t necessarily mean he needs to go to the bathroom—he just wants some new doggie gear.

Bow Wow

We thought we’d change it up this issue and cover what a dog wants instead of what a girl wants. Not that we’re suggesting that a dog is a valid substitute for a woman, rather that we love our dogs just as much as our women. No wait, that’s not what we meant either. We meant that… forget it. It’s probably not even what we said, but rather how we said it.

1. A Good Home
There are millions of homeless dogs in the U.S. Here at Elevation Outdoors, we believe every hound deserves a home. Whether you work through your local Humane Society, a national breed rescue program or a web resource like, North America’s largest nonprofit pet adoption web service, the choice to adopt sends a clear message that shelter pets have value. Plus, everyone knows mutts are the best. Just ask President Obama.

2. Green Guru Dog Leash

Nothing says “Hey, I’m a climber” like leading your dog around on a Green Guru leash made from reclaimed climbing rope. While retired from the rock, these 66-inch ropes still have enough zip left in them to keep Fido in line.

3. Guyout Squishy Bowl for Pets
The functionality of Guyout’s award-winning squishy bowls is now available for pets. Just put a bowl in your pocket, hit the trail and pop it open when your pup needs a quick drink or a bite of kibble. Bonus: These bowls are BPA- and polycarbonate-free.

4. Croozer Dog Trailer
With Croozer’s Dog Trailer, there’s no reason to leave the dog at home. From short outings to cycling holidays, as long as Fido is 100 pounds or less, he’s in like Flynn. And you get the added bonus of carting around Fido’s weight, plus 30 pounds worth of trailer. You’ll be wicked fast come next spring’s race season.

5. Granite Gear Dog Clogs
A step up from your average paw protectors, Dog Clogs feature soles that are made from a soft, spongy material called Comfotek (think Crocs for dogs) that provides paw-specific traction for effortless grip on wet and dry terrain. Not just for mountain dogs, Dog Clogs offer pawtection for city dogs who have to contend with scorching pavement, broken glass and other potentially harmful urban debris.

6. Earthdog Hemp Collar
Available in 20 colors and styles to reflect your dog’s personality, these collars are machine washable and dryable. Tennessee-based Earthdog uses a triple-layer 100 percent hemp canvas construction for durability and comfort, and their collars are hypoallergenic. Elevation Outdoors’ Cody Bear wears the “Kody-3” style to show he’s a star.

Katie’s Bumpers Frequent Flyer Fetch Toys (NOT SHOWN)
Treat your all-terrain dog to a fetch toy that works on land, water and snow. Frequent Flyer fetch toys, made from recycled fire hoses, squeak, fly and float. Bright primary colors ensure you don’t lose sight of the toy once Rover high-tails it to take a snooze in the shade.

7. The Missing Link Plus Glucosamine Canine Formula Superfood Supplement

If you want your dog to keep up with your active lifestyle well into his golden years, support his diet with a proven supplement. The Missing Link’s unique blend of ingredients combines the benefits of fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and balanced energy levels, fiber for bowel health, and phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals for overall health and well-being. It’s easy to use—just sprinkle it on your dog’s food. Oh, and it tastes great.*
*The author would prefer to keep her method for ascertaining this fact to herself.

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