What to drink after a day outside basking in fall and its entire splendor? This question is circling my head as I scan the shelves looking for the perfect beer to quaff after a day outdoors. As sunlight flees and Old Man Winter approaches I find myself craving a more full flavored beer, something with a bite. Green Flash Brewing has the perfect barley pop for the season, the appropriately named Le Freak.

The 13-year-old brewery located in San Diego has built up a reputation for their numerous award-winning hybrid styles of beer, like Dr. Frankenstein these folks continually crank out interesting inventions. Le Freak earned its moniker because it’s merging of two styles that should compete; a Belgium Tipple and American Imperial IPA instead they blend beautifully. The beer was the brainchild of Brewery owner Mike Hinkley and brewmaster Chuck Silva. It just won a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival last week. It is a two time Gold Medal winner at the festival, plus it has been awarded Bronze medal at the World Beer Cup and several other awards in California. It has a rating of 98% on Ratebeer.com and 90% on Beeradvocate.com. It is available year round in a 22oz bottle format and tips the scale at 9.2% ABV. This should be fun.

As I crack the bottle the first thing I notice is the light citrusy hop scent wafting from the bottle. I pour into a tulip glass and am immediately impressed by the bright hazy golden color of the brew. It has excellent lacing an inch up the side with a full two fingers of bright white head. The smell is sublime with a mixture of floral hops, slight pine, caramel malts and bananas—a good sign of things to come. The mouth feel is medium, not to bubbly, with strong malt body backed by a nice hop hit. The taste is fantastic, a perfect blend of Belgium yeast, American Hops and delicate spices. The first taste of sweetness slowly slips into the background as the hops take center stage. I am left wondering after each sip if more secrets wait in the next sip.

Take a chance with Le Freak it will help to ease the loss of summer and allow the mind to embrace the beauty of autumn.

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