Here’s a little known story about beer freshness. In the mid-nineties Budweiser was trying to get distributors to consistently buy beer from the brewery instead of bulk buying when it was on sale and then siting on the product. After repeated attempts to force them to comply they came up with a novel approach, they let the consumers force it. When they rolled out their now famous “Born On” dating campaign they effectively created an educated populace that demanded fresh beer. Common folks that had never looked at beer dates suddenly started watching them the way stay-at-home-parents monitored their milk. It revolutionized the way the American public dealt with beer, and it continues to this day.

So as beer embarked on the mad journey that is known as the craft beer revolution—when drinkers across the country asked for something new and flavorful much to Bud’s displeasure—emerging breweries made sure to also focus on the freshness of their beers. Let’s face it, it does matter. Anyone who has had a barley pop fresh from the tanks on a brewery tour knows this. It just tastes better.

So in our increasingly interconnected world where everything is one click away, and nothing seems insurmountable, it only seems fitting that brewers would send the freshest beer possible out to a thirsty public. But, leave it to Lagunitas Brewing to take it a step further. After all they are the makers of a beer dedicated to a federal raid for marijuana at their brewery years ago, and another with a censored label. Their newest creation is this years “Born Yesterday Pale Ale” a beer that was bottled on October 26th and arrived in Colorado three-days later. Yes, that’s correct, the damn thing is less than a week old right now. This is the second year they have done this, last year it was limited release in California, Oregon, and Washington, but this time around everyone gets to enjoy it.

IMG_7542 (1)

A fresh hop brew using Mosaic, Amarillo, and other varieties all grown in the Yakima Valley it is quite fantastic. The vibrancy of the hops is apparent the moment you crack the crown, powerful scents of citrus, pineapple, fresh pine, and melon greet you. A thick head with excellent lacing tops the lovely light golden color. The first sip is sublimely smooth; the initial bitterness quickly fades into the background to be replaced with slight hints of malt. This beer is a winner and begs you to drink more, which is good considering every day that passes some of the magic will slip away from each bottle.

It’s a great beer that will not be around long, but, good news if you miss it this time around. Rumor has it they are planning on doing several more releases in the future. Regardless, head to your nearest liquor store and grab some of this fine creation. Then sit back and enjoy quite possibly one of the finest Pale Ale’s on the market, and when that ubiquitous ad for Budweiser pops up raise your glass in thanks.

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