Like so many other places in our state where folks find their bliss, the Upper Colorado River is known for its beauty, access and recreational offerings.

After months of dreary weather and being cooped-up, it’s almost too much to contain my desire to get out there in the flow. On this warm and sunny Saturday in March, the water is calling. I have to get out there and put a bend in my fly rod. With flows of 600cfs, very few others have my brilliant idea of being one of the first to land a fly and catch a fish.

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I keep my gear organized by sport and well protected in storage tubs;  out come the waders, my vest and a nice selection of flies, created at my dinner table in the prior months; when fishing was just a dream. The guides at Rocky Mountain Anglers taught me the basics, I further developed my technique through practice, and now fly fishing is my very own Zen activity. Alone and equipped, where better to go than The Pumphouse and feel the kinetic memory of the rod waving in my arm?

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I am in my element after a winter’s break from fishing, and my body takes to it like I had been casting just yesterday. I am in the groove and slowly the radiant cool of the water turns to freezing and sopping. Before long it’s evident that this is not going to be the day of fishing bliss that I had anticipated… my waders are leaking! Damn, I take really good care of my gear, and these are not even three years old. There is always Seam Grip and duct tape, but my body temperature is dropping quicker than my enthusiasm level, so I call it a day.


My very next stop is Boulder Mountain Repair, BMR  who recently designed and built a complete wader testing and repair station. I’m relieved to find out that my expensive waders do not have a tear, instead they’re leaking because they’re dirty. What I learn is that the type of waterproof/breathable fabric that my waders are made out of can be very temperamental. When dirt or body oil gets in the fabric, it can clog up the inner membrane, causing it to temporarily leak. After my waders get washed with Nikwax Tech Wash, they are treated with Nikwax TX Direct, a durable water repellant– or DWR– coating is applied to the shell fabric. After a proper washing, BMR tests my waders and voila, no more leak!

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BMR is now my go-to place for keeping my used gear out of the dumpster.  Functionality is my main concern when it comes to my gear. Whether fly fishing, or any number of the other outdoor passions I pursue, I need to be concerned with the task at hand, not the durability of my backpack, jacket—or in this case—waders. Well maintained gear is what makes it all possible and BMR keeps me outfitted for every seasonal need that I have.