Leprechaun Approved – Ahnu Montara Ladies Boots Engineered for an Adventure

Staring up the muddy, oogie oggie hill the crystal ball of my life read I would be a ball of dirty sludge with cold to the bone feet in the near future. Within seconds, I had taken my first step and was trucking up the seemingly formidable mess. The crystal ball had forgotten something important, I was wearing new shoes.

I have not been a fan of high top boots. They are usually irritating to my ankles, heavy and make me feel clunky. The Ahnu Montara Boots by  are quite contrary to what I have described. Hiking in them offers a stable stride, smooth protection for the ankles and a cushioned step. The cushioning provides a bit of spring causing each step to feel light.

Trudging up the hill I debated turning back or moving forward. Sure they have trusty traction by Vibram but I really didn’t want sopping wet, cold feet. Wanting to go climbing yet truly not looking forward to the potential of having to cram my cold, dirty feet into rock climbing shoes. The decision? ONWARD MARCH! Thanks to the Montara’s, I was able to hike up the hill and go crack climbing for the day. To my surprise, while hiking down the mess, I actually got to the bottom without slipping and to my car with clean, dry feet. Of course, naturally, the boots were utterly caked wahnu2ith mud.

I have one more story to share. I wish it was my story because then it would mean I went to Ireland. A friend so close to me that I have dubbed her “Cousin” is the one who went to Ireland without me. She took the Ahnu Montara II. Due to her limited schedule, she went on her adventure to Ireland during the rainy season. As everyone knows, it takes an average of 1118 mm a year to grow Leprechauns which is what the “Emerald Isle” profoundly achieves on a yearly basis. She went while the rain “switch” was amped up to high. Gleefully, she told me how thanks to the Montara II’s eVent® breathable waterproof bootie, her feet stayed completely dry.

The Ahnu Montara Boot is a hiking specific shoe. If looking for a more versatile shoe a good suggestion is the Montara II. If you are wary about clean looking shoes, pick an option other than one with a light yellow ankle liner. It is pretty when new but after use shows signs of sweat, dirt and the usual outcome of grime brought about from hiking.

Whether you are tromping through mud, hopping through puddles or in need of a pair of boots for your next 14er, backpacking trip, or morning hike the Ahnu Montara Boots offer the quality and comfort wanted to get you to the top.


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