Founded in 2013, Beacon Guidebooks aims to make the best decision making tools and guidance for backcountry skiers throughout the country.

The high quality aerial photographs provide orientation so you know what is above and below you.The books feature a unique terrain rating system that helps you assess exposure and potential terrain traps.These books provide reliable information to help you plan and execute your tour.Over the last five years, these guidebooks have gone from a local secret to being used by avalanche professionals, guiding companies and schools.

This atlas is a tool to help you make educated decisions in the backcountry.These lightweight, durable books can be thrown in your pack before heading out into the backcountry.You see the way avalanches have historically behaved, and you can provide your specific location to others in the case of emergency.Zoom in on your next adventure with the Rakkup app.To learn more, visit