Work-Ready Outdoor Gear

Let’s be honest, while getting after outdoor pursuits is our number one priority, we also need to get our day jobs done. For us, that means tending to a flock of 35+ chickens, more than a dozen ducks and all the joys that come with owning a farm. Luckily, some of our favorite outdoor brands not only make fully-capable outdoor gear, they also make fully-capable work gear.

Here are some of our favorites for multi-faceted outdoor families.

Muck Boot Company Original Lace Up Boot  

When I’m making a quick run to the barn for stock and poultry watering or egg collection, I don’t want to deal with my heavy-duty boots. Instead, I go for a lighter duty, “chore”-geared boot, particularly the Muck Boot Company Original Lace Up. The men’s and women’s versions are equally capable, comfortable and waterproof. They feature the classic Muck slide on/off with the addition of a lace to cinch them down a bit when the work gets a little harder. And the women’s versions have really fun interior design/colors!

Vasque Sundowner 

While a classic hiker, the Vasque Sundowner is also my go-to for all-day work on the farm. My first pair of Sundowners handled long trails days for over a decade and the latest model delivers the tried-and-true you expect from Vasque. Gore-Tex lined, it is 100% waterproof while maintaining breathability. My favorite feature, though, is its rigidity while still being insanely comfortable. These boots are also available in men’s and women’s versions.

Patagonia All Season Hemp Canvas Vest

Sometimes I need more pockets and other times, I need a little more insulation. With Patagonia’s All Season Hemp Canvas Vest, I get the best of both worlds. It comes in a guy’s and women’s version and features a stash pocket for a hat or other accessories, hand warmer pockets to cut the edge on cold mornings, a zipper chest pocket for writing implements, cell phone pocket and more. It’s a super capable and comfortable option on colder days!

Toad & Co. Women’s Mcway Barn Jacket

In my opinion, it’s tough to find a jacket you can wear mucking stalls in the morning and out to a small (socially distanced) gathering in the evening, but the Toad & Co. Mcway makes it happen! The jacket is durable and sustainably-minded with recycled polyester and organic cotton. It is a great option for cooler days and stood up great to rainy days.

Simms Men’s Dockwear Jacket

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Simms Dockwear. We’re avid fly fishers, so if our fishing gear can stand up to days on the water, it should stand up to days at work and the Dockwear does just that. Simms’ men’s Hooded Dockwear Jacket features a flannel lining, insulated hood for working (and fishing) on colder days and all the pockets for all the random things you need throughout the day. The Dockwear Jacket also comes in a standard non-hooded version.

Dovetail Workwear Freshley Overall

I absolutely love my Dovetail Freshley Overalls. So much so, I own two pairs! It’s not easy to find a form-fitting, rugged pair of women-specific overalls. I need pants that will handle more than minor scuffs and these are it! Next to durability, comfort is also an important factor for most of the gear I wear and I happily check that box on these overalls, too! Dovetail Workwear makes sure women have all the pockets, all the comfort, and all the durability they need to get it done.

Vermont Glove Uphill Skier

Available this fall, the Vermont Glove Uphill Skier glove isn’t just for skiers. I have used a lot of insulated and uninsulated gloves in outdoor pursuits and for work and this glove is one of my favorites. The Uphill Skier features a powder cuff that I love for blocking debris while splitting wood or cleaning the coop. They’re also made from goat leather and super durable, thanks to the double stitching. I can pick up small nails or shovel stalls day and this glove has proven comfortable while getting the job done.

My First Opinel No. 07 Scouts Folding Knife 

Our kids really love helping out around the farm and it’s important to us that they learn responsibilities and safety around the property. When we had our oldest try out Opinel’s My First Scout Folding Knife, he learned confidence with a tool that was new to him, thanks to a kid-sized handle and a little practice. And while we liked the integrated safety lock, he really liked the green color option!

Kids Carhartt Canvas Dungaree

We literally own every size Carhartt kid’s Canvas Dungaree from 3 months to 6T and both our son and daughter wear them regularly for hikes and working around the farm. They are the kind of pants you can pass down to your kids, friends’ kids, first and second cousins and maybe even the kids of the aforementioned. Needless to say, they’re rugged. Our kids have put their Carhartts through the ringer from cross-country ski days to working on and mending fences around the property. 

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