Winter Ski Gear Wish List 2014-15

Time to Stock Up For the Holidays

The holidays are approaching and there is never a better time to take stock of your ski gear and replace/upgrade those few items that are showing their age, or you could buy some new gear for those you love. This is the time of year all of the killer new gear you have been reading about finally lands in local stores. The best part is retailers are fighting for your business so there are some sweet deals out there.

Here is a list of ten must have’s that will put a smile on every skiers face.

Blizzard Spur: When the powder is falling you need the perfect ski in your quiver, enter this radially progressive highly responsive ski. It’s 125mm waist will crush any amount of powder you wander into and it’s full rocker profile works in perfect conjunction with it’s aggressive side cut and tapered tail. Limited availability so act not. MSRP: $850.00

Blizzard 2 hero

Line Supernatural 108: For this season Line Ski’s did away with their popular “Prophet” and “Influence” lines and decided to merge the two in their new “Supernatural” line. Skiers should throw their hands to the sky in joy, these new ski’s are amazing. Just about any conditions you find yourself in these skis’ can handle. They will hold an edge at high speeds yet tackles the crud just as easily, word of caution; the 108mm waist might struggle in deep powder so plan accordingly. MSRP $880.00

Line Hero

North Face Fuse Brigandine: This revolutionary jacket continues to rake in awards—Outside Magazine Gear of Year—due to its groundbreaking design. It uses FuseForm construction to minimalize seams; basically it’s like a giant origami jacket. This is one tough jacket that will take whatever abuse you throw it’s way, plus the embedded RECCO transponder lets you head off the beaten path with a bit more confidence. MSRP: 499.00

Fuse hero

Patagonia Nano Air Hoody: Always the game changer Patagonia ha s done it again. This extremely stretchy, lightweight puffy will surprise you in so many ways, It’s incredibly warm during static periods yet offering breathability when active. If you find yourself trekking in the backcountry this is the coat for you, it’s the only layer you will need while skinning up, once up top toss on your hard shell and all is good. Extra bonus: The hood is perfect for windy lift rides. MSRP$ 299.00

Nano Hoody

K2 Rescue Plus Shovel & Ice Axe: Sometimes backcountry skiers can be the hardest persons to shop for; they are typically gear nuts with whole rooms crammed with gear. Here is a new item they probably don’t have that they actually need. The shovel is perfect for digging pits to check snow stability and the handle converts to an ice axe—always handy when off exploring. MSRP $119.00


Osprey Mutant 38: The minimalist inspired design of this pack makes it a perfect bag to take out for a day or two exploring. The 38-liter main compartment is roomy, the zigzag webbing fits most skis, and the top lid removes as needed. Added bonus there is a flap up top to cover the opening and to secure a rope. MSRP: $160.00

Mutant 1 Hero

Hestra Heli Ergo Grip: If you are like me nothing can ruin a good day on the slopes than cold fingers. The leather palms provide excellent grip for any outdoor activity and the long skirt comes well down your forearm to keep powder out. The best part is that the liners come out so if you are looking for more warmth then convert these into the ultimate shell. MSRP: $170.00

Hestra Gloves Hero

Patagonia Capilene 4- Pro Boot Bottoms: Layering is the key to spending any day out playing in the white stuff and Patagonia has been providing some of the best base layers for years. The beauty of these are the facts they are designed to stop mid calf so no more bunching of fabric in your ski boots cutting off circulation. MSRP: $99.00

Patagonia Capaline

POC Lid Goggles: These goggles are not only great looking (nothing but mirrored lens) but they offer an extraordinary field of vision as you are flying down the slopes. The Carl Zeiss lenses are treated with an antifog and antiscratch coating that ensures crystal clarity all day long. MSRP$ 200.00


Dynafit Neo PX: If looking for new boots why not make sure you get a pair you can take backcountry should the urge ever strike. Even if you don’t head off resort they are damn easier to walk in. The comfort and warmth offered by these light weight boots will make you forever forget about those clunky rental boots of you’re youth and make you excited to head skiing. MSRP: $650.00

Neo Image

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