UpaDowna Works to Promote Outdoors Community

Ever heard of UpaDowna? Its a non-profit organization based in Colorado Springs that focuses on the community around them. The folks behind UpaDowna love the outdoors and all the adventures that come along with it and they want everyone, yes everyone, to experience it.

UpaDowna began with the mantra “Up a Mountain, Down a Beer” celebrating the tradition of enjoying a tasty craft beer after a hard days work climbing, hiking, skiing, mountaineering, etc. UpaDowna has a deeper meaning now, embracing their entire community (including those under drinking age) and finding new ways to get folks outdoors. Now, “Upa” has evolved to mean overcoming obstacles or achieving a goal, while “Downa” means coming back and becoming a stronger, more aware part of your community. Inspiring stuff! And they do still enjoy their craft beer.

When we spoke to Steve Hitchcock to learn more about this group, he was in route to hike a 14er with a fellow outdoor enthusiast who has MS. “Accessibility for all” is one of the many goals of UpaDowna. Youth and adult participants can learn life skills such as self confidence and self worth through getting out and experiencing the outdoors. Available community programs provide education (and fun!) for folks who want to learn more about the outdoors — hiking, climbing, skiing, backpacking…you name it.

Now, here’s where you come in. UpaDowna is hosting a race on July 12 called ROAR in the City. This “Really Outrageous Adventure Race” is an event that serves several purposes. It’s a fundraising platform for their many programs; it encourages folks to beef up on their history of the region and surrounding parks (hint — you’ll be tested on this); it provides some introductory-level skills for backcountry and other outdoor experiences; and oh yeah, it sounds like a really fun time.

Registration is $40 per person and they are looking for teams of 3-6 (21+ year olds only). Prizes will be awarded to the Best Team Theme and Most Creative Team Name, so get fancy. Check out more about this urban adventure race on their website: roarinthecity.com.

UpaDowna is also one of the recipients of funds from another upcoming event that we can all get on board with.

New Belgium Brewery is making a stop in Colorado Springs on July 17 during their Clips Beer & Film Tour. At these events, New Belgium brings some of their most special brews and shares inspirational short films created by their fans. UpaDowna will be handling the bike valet again this year so ride on over there for this excellent cause. They are expecting more than 2,000 participants this year for the Colorado Springs portion of the tour.

UpaDowna – Unleash your Adventure.


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