Nothing tastes better at the end of a great day of skiing than a couple of tasty brews when you can enjoy them knowing that no one in your party has to worry about driving. The Summit County Brewery Tour was created in March of 2012 to fill a need that everyone has had at one time or another in Ski Country—how do you enjoy the best beer that Summit County has to offer without worrying about the red-and-blue lights in your rear view mirror?

The tour is offered year-round with door-to-door shuttle service to four of Summit County’s better brewpubs (Breckenridge Brewery, Backcountry Brewery, Dillon Dam Brewery and Pug Ryan’s Steakhouse and Brewery). The 4-5 hour tour includes a pint at each stop, dinner at Backcountry and numerous opportunities for entertainment.

Owner Joel Godfrey, a 20-year veteran in the high mountain transportation business, decided he needed a new direction for his casino shuttle business and created the tour as a way to showcase the great beers being brewed in Summit County. The fleet consists of 7 shuttle vans, each equipped with a karaoke system that is often one of the highlights of the trip. Along the way, Joel and his staff teach revelers numerous bar tricks and drinking games. According to Joel, ”When you get home hopefully you will never have to pay for a beer again”. The goal for each tour is to create a memorable and safe night out for visitors and locals alike.

The agenda on each trip can change according to the mood of the group. When asked about his most memorable group in his first season of business, Joel recounted a story of a group that was having so much fun with the karaoke competition that they decided to skip the last stop at Breckenridge Brewery and instead picked up some Breckenridge beer at a local liquor store. They then drove to a snowy overlook of the town and had an outdoor karaoke competition under the stars… Breckenridge Idol!