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How To: Tucker County, WV

We’ve written about Tucker County a lot. Inevitably, we end up passing through town at least once a month. Sometimes more. There’s something about this ass-backwards yet forward-thinking community that we absolutely adore. Maybe it’s the colorful characters that fill the county’s three (that’s right, three) brewpubs every night. Maybe it’s the post group ride scene at Hellbender’s, or the mushroom walks with Chippy, or the weeknights you find yourself dancing like a fool till midnight at The Purple Fiddle. It’s probably a combination of all of this, coupled with the fact that Tucker County is a literal gateway to some of the East’s wildest public lands.

So for all of these reasons, if you haven’t ventured to the Tucker County, do it now. But first, check out how we like to #gooutsideandplay in this wacky, weird, and wonderful place.

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Where to begin? Any time of year here is stellar, so long as you don’t mind the rain. In the winter, cross-country ski at White Grass Touring Center (go easy on the moonshine—there’s no shortage of it here). In the spring, float the upper stretches of the Blackwater River. Summertime means it’s time to hop on the bike. Blackwater Bikes has rentals and more suggestions for trails than you have time for. Fall is when you head to the higher elevations (or really any time of year: you can catch blooming rhododendron and blueberry pickin’ in the summer)—Dolly Sods Wilderness is a truly unique and spectacular place, and by that I mostly mean cold, wet, and muddy. Hit the Sods no matter the weather. You’ll either be socked in all day or socked in for most of the day, but it’s worth it either way.

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Park and camp for free along Canaan Loop Road or grab a site at the Canaan Valley campground (rates starting from $22 per night). For the comforts of home and the best blueberry-banana-walnut pancakes in town, the Bright Morning Inn is our go-to choice. Rooms start at $95 per night and include breakfast.

_MG_3582 _MG_3593 _MG_3609


Burgers and coffee at TipTop. Burritos at Hellbender’s. Pizza at Sirianni’s. And of course, breakfast at Bright Morning Inn. During ski season the White Grass Cafe is our #1 choice.

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