Travel Gear

Ready to hit the road on this year’s big trip? Take a look at our recommendations for the best travel gear to get you there and beyond.

Marmot Red Star

One mandatory piece of gear no matter where you are headed is a rain shell, but it’s nice if that all-important emergency layer can also offer up a bit of versatility. Marmot’s latest three-layer masterpiece fits the bill, using a NanoPro stretch fabirc that imparts all the weatherproofing and ventilation of a top-of-the-line hard shell with more comfort. It’s also snazzy enough to wear out to dinner. $300;


Osprey Ozone Travel Pack 46

Every air traveler who likes to hike wants a backpack that’s also a legal carry-on bag. Meet your new best friend. With 46 liters inside, this pack will swallow up all your stuff without having to check it on. $160;


EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 10K

This handy charger can bring two iPhones back from the dead via its 2.4 amp outputs. But the real beauty of it is that it’s thin enough to slip into the front pocket of a pack and keep the juice flowing while you are in transit. $100;

EnerPlex2000Jumpr Slate 5k Iphone


This is not the fist time that we have recommended Blundstones for travel gear and it won’t be the last. The fact is these boots, originally created for Tasmanian sheep farmers, can withstand a crapload of abuse but still look good enough for a night out on the town. That type of versatility is just what we want when we are limited in how many pairs of shoes we can carry with us. Even better, the brand just introduced new styles for women and kids. $200;

Blundstone_1443 copy


Since they rehydrate you and replenish electrolytes, most sports recovery drinks also turn out to be damn good hangover cures (and preventative measures, too). Resqwater is the first we have enountered that embraces that magic power. Dreamed up in the desert heat of Arizona, the drink allows you to play hard in the morning without paying the consequences after a big night of celebration. $26 (six pack);


Native Eyewear Crestone

There are few horrors worse than sitting on your sunglasses at the start of a trip. With frames built of sturdy Rhyno-Tuff Air material, these babies can withstand some serious banging around. Plus, the polarized lenses fight off glare (and make it easier to spot fish, if you are so inclined). $129–$149;


Tepui Expédition Series 2 Duffel

Tent-maker Tepui designed this tough, modular duffel so that it would fit into expedition-style roof cargo racks, but we found that same durability and easy-to-pack shape made it perfect for any means of transport. The tough outer shell will ward off bumps and scrapes and even keep eveything dry while your bag sits on the airport runway tarmac during a tropical rainstorm. $120;

Tepui Duffel Bag

Primus Onja

Small enough to haul to the farmers’ market or the beach, this surprisingly powerful two-burner stove also looks sexy enough for a Millennial’s Instagram post. Best of all, it’s built with all recyclable materials. $140;

Primus_Onja (4)

Outdoor Research Ensenada Hoody

Soft Modal fabric, spun from the cellulose of beech trees, gives this all-purpose hoody that cozy, read-a-book-in-the-late-afternoon-on-the-beach feel, but serves up more performance than cotton. It’s a versatile travel companion that will excel in a variety of situations—from belaying to taking a nap on a flight—when you’re on the road. $79;


Prana Honour Jean

Denim has made a big comback. Performance denim that is, and the slightly stretchy material in these sexy jeans makes them ideal for a trip where you might be transitioning from a hike to the car
to dinner. $85;


Eagles Nest Outfitters Sub 7 Hammock

Weighing in at a scant 6.5 ounces, this lightweight, ripstop nylon hammock features Dyneema lines that are nearly impossible to fray or break. But it’s still a damn comfortable place to sleep and an easy option to drop into a pack no matter where you may be headed on the planet. $70;


Salomon instinct travel

These kicks may appear quite casual, but they are equipped with grippy lugs on the soles that give them the abilty to take on big hikes without looking too dorky when you are chilling in town. Plus, they simply feel snug and cozy when you slip them on. $128–$160;


Brunton Resynch 6000

Weatherproof and shockproof, this dual-port solar charger will ensure those all important electronics keep running when you are nowhere near a plug (and your external battery has run dry). $80: brunton.comBruntonRESYNC_6000_YW_FRONT

JBL Everest Elite 300

We have one big recommendation for air travel: Bring noise-cancelling headphones. No one wants to spend a trip listening to that erstwhile traveler next to you yak. The NXTGen Active Noise Cancelling Technology in these sleek headphones, coupled with incredible sound quality, will put you in your own special place from takeoff all the way through to landing. $250;


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