Travel Essentials

Planning that big trip of a lifetime? Here’s the gear that will make your adventure easier, more comfortable and more versatile.

Pull Over

Flylow | Rainbreaker

Small enough to stuff into your carry-on or rucksack but offering up just enough protection in case of a sudden squall, this snazzy 6.2-ounce shell shucks off wind and rain without taking up a ton of space. That’s a godsend for travelers with limited space.






Tune Out

JBL | Everest Elite 750NC

No one wants to get stuck talking to that annoying seatmate on a long plane ride. Take off to your own private soundstage with these plush noise-cancelling headphones while you are in transit to your next big adventure. Bluetooth-enabled, they run for 15 hours on a three-hour charge and pump out crisp, customizable sound. $300;


Haul Over

Gregory | 
Quadro Hardcase Roller 30

Outdoor adventure travelers ask three things of their luggage: It needs to pack a ton in, survive some serious abuse and be easy to haul around. This 11.8-pound wheeled hardcase scores big on all three fronts with enough volume to hold ski boots and climbing gear, a tough but pliable shell and nimble, multi-directional wheels. $220;





Stash Away

Eagle Creek | Pack-It Specter Tech Cube Set

This nifty, compact packing system helps make your life easier on the road, whether you are trying to pare down to essentials on an expedition or scrambling to get your stuff together for a flight while battling a hangover.







Step In

Blundstone | Super 550

One shoe to rule them all, Blundstones arose as work boots for sheep farmers in Tasmania. That tough DNA means they can handle all the shitkicking you want to do out in the dirt, but they also look hip enough to wear to more formal occasions like a snazzy dinner.





Stride Out

Lululemon | Inclement Pant

Just stretchy enough to take bouldering and comfy enough for a nap on the plane, these men’s cargo-style pants can withstand some serious use, whether you are backpacking or wandering around in a bazzar. Lots of pocket space is a big plus when you are on the go.







Charge Up

Soul | Blaze

Talk about double-duty. This brand new solar-powered flashlight features a built-in solar panel to juice it up. Plus, the device will not only provide illumination anywhere you roam, it will also charge up your smartphone while you sunbathe. Chalk up all this innovation to start-up brand Soul, the brainchild of manufacturing and tech vets taking preorders on Indiegogo now.



See Through

Sunski | Navarro

Your travel shades need to protect those lovely eyes and look the part while you transition from terminals to sunny locales. New Kickstarter-powered brand Sunski answers the call with these lightweight, polarized, sexy, unisex, shades that block out UV rays and serve up cash to 1% for the Planet with each purchase.



Slip On

Le Sock Run Light ¾ Crew

Good socks are a globehopper’s best friend. Aussie brand Lebent combines just the right blend of merino wool, bamboo and stretchy fabrics to give you a sock that can suck up the stink and abuse of both long days on an airplane and out on the trail.






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