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Top 5 Backcountry Beers To Enjoy This Weekend

We all know it’s been an uncanny, lingering fall season this year. But there’s no doubt we’re in the final stretch of warm weather before the snow hits and is here to stay. In the last few days of mild temperatures, this weekend is a great time to head to the backcountry with your friends or family for hiking and camping adventures.

And just because craft beer makes backcountry adventures even sweeter, we’ve listed our favorite brews to take with you into the backcountry this weekend. Whether you’re crushing one on a summit or sipping on a cold one around the campfire, check out these five craft beers to take with you into the backcountry this weekend.


American Dark Wheat Ale – Palisade Brewing Company, Palisade, CO. 


So you’ve found yourself on top of a 14er? Perfect. Bust out your summit sandwich or a cliff bar to get some food in your stomach and crack open the Dirty Hippie Dark American Wheat from Palisade Brew Company. The chocolate and caramel malts create a mild and semi-sweet palette with a twist of orange for good, fruity measure. Plus this brew has a 5.3-percent AVB, so you won’t be falling down the mountain from a strong buzz.

True Blonde Ale – Ska Brewing, Durango, CO. 


Let’s say you’re backpacking in Utah, embracing your last days of fall. It’s 8 a.m., your blisters are killing you and an affectionate ale might just solve all of your problems. But alas, it’s still the morning and you question the social acceptability of a beer this early. Here at Elevation Outdoors, we say there’s no shame in enjoying a morning beer! What happens in the mountains stays in the mountains. The True Blonde Ale from Ska Brewing is brewed with Durango’s Honeyville™ bees and is light enough not to overwhelm your insides while you get ready for another day of hiking.

Graham Cracker Porter – Denver Beer Company, Denver, CO. 


As stated on the can, this porter is a campfire in a can, or perfect to enjoy around the campfire with all of your favorite people. The notes of vanilla, smoked cedar and mulling spices will have you feeling cozy even in single-digit temps. The Graham Cracker Porter from Denver Beer Company is a must-bring on any outdoor adventure.

Tempter IPA – Telluride Brewing Company, Telluride, CO. 


There isn’t a situation that isn’t perfect for savoring a delicious IPA. With a combination of Chinook, Centennial, CTZ, Simcoe and Amarillo hops, Telluride Brewing Company‘s bold, but balanced, Tempter IPA is a solid addition to your backpacking essentials.

Blood Orange Saison – Upslope Brewing Company, Boulder, CO


We may be a little biased since they’re practically our neighbors, but we believe the Upslope Blood Orange Saison is one of the best beers to sip around a campfire. The oranges and Mandarina Bavaria hops complement one another flawlessly and the pink peppercorns add a little hint of spice.  At 6-percent ABV, this one will keep you nice and warm in the backcountry this weekend.


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