Advocacy. Conservation. Activism.

You’ll find tips and inspiration for all three, plus top fall hiking and cycling gear, a beginner’s guide to the Great American Beer Festival, and info on the best fall romps — all in the September issue — on stands now!

Editor’s Letter: Bring the Solitude 

With more visitors and more pressure on wild places, we need to make sure we show an appreciation for silence to all those who want to get outside and play on our shared public lands.

Real Science 

Coloradan civilians monitor their state’s river health, informing water policy and environmental best-practices.

Eat, Sleep, Play: Missoula, Montana

With a youthful spirit and at-your-doorstepoutdoor accessibility, a trip to Missoula is worth the extra miles.

Local Hero: Justin Wilson

The Boy Scout leader is helping make refugees feel at home and find healing.

Chalk Up, Responsibly 

It’s not hard to be a good business and do some good in the world. Thats’ the thought behind this  Colorado climbing chalk company dedicated to leaving no trace behind.

Tips For First-Time Activists

Three ways that are more effective than writing a check. If you love the outdoors chances are you want to protect it. Here’s how to take a more active approach, by becoming more engaged.

High Way

Simple wildlife crossings can save human and animal lives.

Native Voices

Back in 2016, five tribes and the outdoor industry united around one national monument. In 2018, Colorado state officials want to turn that historic coming together into a lasting alliance and long-term policy.

Top Fall Romps

The leaves are turning. The temps are cooling down. You’re in top shape from a summer of action. It’s time to enjoy the most brilliant season in the Colorado mountains.

Sexual Harassment in Climbing

The results of a comprehensive study on the subject are now live.

Straight Talk: Ben Clark

The filmmaker and adventurer dives deep into what it takes to get a passion project on the screen and how he united cultures on the Snowman Trek, the world’s hardest trail.

Dedicated Souls

Think the battle for social and environmental justice is a new thing? How about these six longtime Colorado activists who have dedicated their lives to conservation and building a better world?

Buy That Pass

Want a deal on that ski or snowboard pass? The time to buy is now!

Navigating the Great American Beer Festival

Follow this beginner’s guide to make it through the biggest craft brew weekend on the planet.

Fall Hiking Favorites

The air is crisp, the leaves are golden. It’s time to get out on the trail and tick off a few summits with gear recommend by EO staff, who chase hiking excursions all autumn long.

Fall Cycling Favorites

That crisp air and back-to-school vibe make autumn prime time to spin. No matter if you are racing cyclocross, grinding gravel or just cruising the bike lanes, get rolling with this gear.

Can You Hear The Music

The Colorado Sound is not just a radio station—it’s a growing community of musicians and listeners dedicated to showcasing local artists.

Lofty Goals 

There are some bright lights in a planet faced with so much going wrong.

ELWAYVILLE: Speak With Your Vote

It’s time to stop posting on social media—and start doing something.