The May Issue is LIVE

The May issue is live! From the ultimate festival guide, to top river trips to take this year, to inspiring stories of exploration and adventure, you’ll find it all on the pages of our latest issue! Grab a copy and start planning an epic summer.

Editor’s Letter: Leave What You Find

This one principle of Leave No Trace ethics can be a guide to how we live a better life and leave a better planet behind us.

Top Tips For Hiking With Your Dog

Follow these tips to romp with your dog out on the trail—and be responsible about it.

How High is the Water?

The Gross Reservoir Expansion Project, which is set to start in late 2018, will change the dynamic of a favorite Front Range escape—so get there ASAP…and check back for new trails after the water rises.

Eat, Sleep, Play: Lyons, Colorado 

With its up-and-coming foodie vibe, local flair and willingness to embrace the outdoors, this home to a summer’s worth of festivals is worth some extra exploration.

Local Hero: Tim Kugler

The Executive Director of Gunnison Trails is building a high- mountain paradise open to everyone.

The World’s Biggest Splash is in Banff

For 90 years skiers have attempted to skim 110 feet across the pond at Banff sunshine—it’s all about your style.

Refuge in the Wild

For immigrants and refugees, many of whom have fled war and persecution, Colorado’s public lands and open landscapes offer a chance to heal.

Hot Spot: Favorite Colorado Floats 

The water is high and it’s prime season to get out on the river or plan a big trip. Not sure where to start? We give you four classic floats in the Centennial State, each tailored to how long you have to get away.

Numerology: Native Rights

Native Americans have a deep, ancestral connection to the outdoors but all too often they get left out of the conversation when it comes to wilderness, wildlife, recreation and conservation in the United States. Dig into these numbers and learn more about how indigenous people are being heard and making a difference in the outdoor industry.

Straight Talk: Carole McGranahan

This University of Colorado professor has fought alongside Tibetans for their political rights since 1990. Now she’s speaking out even louder to bring their voices to this ongoing fight. 

The 2018 Rocky Mountain Festival Guide

Summer is on the way and it’s time to plan a full season of events that will get you moving, shaking, racing—and maybe even taking some time for contemplation. EO’s annual festival guide puts the next seven months of outdoor lifestyle happenings at your fingertips. So peruse these listings, circle your favorites and pack up the cooler, tent and hula hoop. Bring on the festing!

The Gear You Need For Festival Season

These 10 nifty must-haves will make your festival season a success.  

Oh, The Guys You Will Meet!

Are you intimately familiar with the characters who populate the mountain town music fest? You know that one guy? Yeah, that guy…

Hear This: The Best Festival Finds

With so much music packed into our annual festival guide, it’s hard to sort out all the options. A sure bet. Don’t miss these five sizzling acts performing at Rocky Mountain Festivals this summer.

We’ll Meet in the Mountains

When two brothers take the time to drive hundreds of miles to reconnect with each other in the high peaks of Chicago Basin, they finally tick off an adventure they had planned since childhood and reconnect to what keeps them going in a busy world.

ELWAYVILLE: It Goes to Eleven

Live music can set you free. It’s time to listen to your body, and stop taking yourself so seriously.

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