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The Making of a Climbing Prosthetic

Arc’teryx athlete Craig DeMartino shares some insight to the making of this inspiring film:
I was asked to work on this project when one of my main sponsors Arc’teryx, asked if I had heard of Kai Lin, an Industrial Designer in NYC. I had spoken to him prior about a climbing foot idea he had, but after talks, we couldn’t get funding to help him get the project moving. Fast forward three years, and Arc’teryx steps in to say they are moving it forward as part of the Problem Solvers campaign. I worked closely with Kai as we designed, tested, destroyed, and rebuilt prototypes that I could use on thin cracks and pockets. A big ahhhh moment was after destroying the first foot in Indian Creek, clipping the chains on a route in Colorado after Kai remade and changed a few things on the foot. I thought “man, this thing could actually work!”
A big part of the film is the relationship that Kai and I have, we’ve never met in person, and do everything online, which is fun and a bit like we’re on a dating site!?
Also seeing the way the foot works and then breaks, really shows the design process as you get to see changes made and then tested.

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