Editor’s Letter

We celebrate seven years … and beer.

Contributor Questions

Once a month we throw our contributors for a loop with a question about their lives in the outdoors. 

Quick Hits

6 of the season’s best ski porn videos, personal hot tubs in southern Wyoming, making the outdoors accessible and more


Can veterans reclaim their place as America’s greatest conservationists? The Grand Canyon may be at stake.

The Trail

Book a trip (and follow these GPS coordinates) to the Eiseman Hut.

Hot Spot

Aspen for the not-so-rich.

Straight Talk

Legendary alpinist Jeff Lowe talks about how to approach life and death.

Hear This

The best music of 2015.

The Road

Tour Colorado’s hut system Euro-style on the Benedict 100.


Peter Kray reminisces about working for Pepi Stiegler’s ski school.


Millennial Gear

Flannel, a wide-brim hat, that certain style that screams #outdoorflair … Welcome to our guide to gear for a generation coming into its own. By Sidni West. Photography by Andrew Bydlon / Caveman Collective.

The Gift Guide

We have you covered when it comes to the perfect gift for that outdoor dude or lady in your life. Think: good booze, shackets, winter boots and other stuff to warm their hearts.

The Winter 2015-2016 Peak Gear Awards

It’s time once more to praise the gear that rose to the top of our A-list. Here’s the stuff that we beat up all season long and still keep reaching for when we head off into the wild.