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Slope Swag

The best way to ramp up for a big year at the resort? Throw down for gear that will up your game and make you more comfortable—and look good—when you hit the hill.

1. Völkl

Kendo 88

These quick sticks can do anything on the hill, from railing long, screaming groomers to popping though powder stashes in the trees. Credit that versatility to Völkl’s 3D Construction which imparts three distinct turn radii to the ski—31, 17, and 26 meters, depending on where you focus the edge—as well as a titanal frame and tailored carbon which give an 88-underfoot ski the guts of a bigger ride. The result is not just technically impressive but also a lot of fun. $699

2. Dalbello

Veloce 130 GW

This boot gives you the best of both worlds: It’s got the pure power to drive a ski at speed on groomers or deep in the woods, but it doesn’t hurt your foot in the process. Chalk the performance up to overlap construction, which provides compact power without a tongue piece. The comfort derives in part from a custom-adjustable liner and shell that strive to pad the worst pressure points. $799

3. Nordica

Wild Belle DC 84

With a snappy turn radius and just enough rocker, this day-to-day women’s ski is the perfect quiver of one for a full season on your pass. It’s stable at speed and agile in new snow. Plus, the double core and mounting position make it sync with female stance and geometry. The result is a ride that can cruise or charge with equal aplomb. $650

4. Nordica

Sportmachine 3 95 W

Sporting a soft flex but plenty of power, this women’s boot does not sacrifice performance for comfort. It’s the perfect choice for skiers who want to take on the gnarly parts of the mountain or just lap groomers with friends. A customizable liner seals the deal for those who want core performance but hate how more aggressive boots hurt their feet. $450

5. Atomic

Maverick 100 TI

Looking for an all-mountain ripper that can dominate the big lines while offering enough float for pow days? This Austrian-built crusher relies on a layer of titanal inside to give it plenty of backbone but still allow for snappy flex. The rockered shovel up front can hammer though junk and levitate in deep fluff. Put it all together, and you have the dream ski for the days (and legendary runs) that matter most. $900

6. Jones


This true twin-tip board rewards the creative rider anywhere on the hill. It’s in its element popping off tricks but it also has the chops to harness big, all-mountain lines. The wide nose and tail mean it levitates in deep snow and V-core profiling makes it agile and smooth on trickly lines. And shred easy: Jones, run by Protect Our Winters founder Jeremy Jones is committed to sustainability efforts in its manufacturing, including an Eco plastic top sheet. $530

7. Dynafit

Blacklight 88

Uphill skiing is hot right now and the Blacklight is the weapon of choice for those who want to power up the skin track and then bomb down the piste—and repeat. This touring ski, which tips the scales at just over 2 pounds, 13 ounces in a 184-cm length and features unidirectional carbon fiber and an airy Paulownia wood core, is a dream on the ascent. Don’t fear—while it’s not a day-to-day ski for hill banging, it’s surprising stable when you pull off the skins and race to the bottom. $700

8. Mountain Flow

Cork Pro

Mountain Flow has already impressed us—and done real good for the planet—with its Eco Wax, which gets chemicals out of the snow. The Colorado brand builds on that ethos with these new ski poles crafted from recycled 7075 aluminum, which the brand claims reduces carbon emissions by 90% compared to using virgin aluminum. And the comfy pole grips come from upcycled wine corks. Cheers! $60–$120

9. Leki

Helicon Lite

An adjustable pole that rings in at a reasonable price, the aluminum Helcion Lite telescopes between  110 and 145 cm via a stable flip-lock system, plus the extended foam grip allows you to change pole height on the fly as terrain shfits. It’s the perfect set of poles to pull double duty for days at the resort and touring away from it. $90

10. Zeal


You will notice the difference as soon as you don these impressive spherical goggles, which allow you to see not just a wider range all around you but also provide impressiv e visibility when you look down at the snow. The result is a more natural feel on the hill and the ability to react faster to your surroundings. $129

11. Pret 

Cirque X

This lid gives you all you need in a helmet: plenty of protection alongside lots of ventilation. That’s not an easy balance to strike but the light (1 pound in a size medium) Cirque X shields you from trauma via a system of overlapping polycarbonate plates and MIPS concussion mitigation, but it still vents enough to be comfortable no matter the weather. $270

12. Columbia

Peak Pursuit Gloves

Waterproof, breathable, and jacked up with Columbia’s iconic Omni-Heat insulation layer, which works like a space blanket, these gloves can handle a beating and will keep your digits toasty no matter the temperature. $100

13. Rab

Khroma Transpose Jacket and Kinetic Bibs

The lightly insulated Khroma jacket is our shell of choice for athletic skiers and snowboarders. It’s designed for mountaineering, but those high-performing properties—lightweight, breathable, insulated with just enough eco-friendly insulation to keep out the cold without cramping your style—also apply to adventurous resort days. The Kinetic Bibs likewise impart weather-shucking powers alongisde just enough stretch. $375 jacket, $365 bibs

14. Picture Organic Seen JKT and Exa Pant

As the name implies, this women’s jacket-and-pant combo is easy on the Earth. The breathable and waterproof polyester blend is made of sugarcane waste mixed with recycled PET (think wasteful water bottles), and performs as well as any toxic fabric. Best of all the forward-thinking French brand puts a premium on making sustainable clothing affordable compared to other conscious, but all too often pricey, companies. $285 jacket, $210 pant

15. LeBent

Women’s 200 Crew

The usual complaint about merino wool—despite the natural fabric’s moisture wicking and temperature modulating properties—is the itch. Not so here. This base layer gives you those superpowers but feels soft and fine against the skin. $90

16. Farm to Feet


Never discount the advantage of good socks when it comes to the perfect ski day (or a crappy one). Warm, wicking, light, and airy, these merino babies will keep your dogs happy all day long. $36

17. JBL

Reflect Aero TWS

Keep the motivation pumping in your head (and get those work meetings taken care of on the lift) with these noise-canceling earbuds that include built-in mics. Big bonus: You can fast charge them for four hours of battery life in just 15 minutes—as long as it takes to pop in the lodge for a quick break. $150

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