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Skinny Skis On a Powder Day

Training for the Grand Traverse isn’t all grinding uphill all day (although there is a lot of that). As newbies to the sport, we also have to get used to skiing and crushing the pow on tiny skis. Here’s a short clip from yesterday. We hope it will get you stoked because ya gotta just have fun sometimes, right?

This short clip shows training focusing on skiing super skinny and short skis (new to us) in pow! Ryan is sporting the Hagan Ultra 65s (just 65 underfoot = SKINNY!) and I’m rocking the Atomic Backland UL (78 underfoot). The race is a month away and we have to be ready for any conditions since early April could bring feet of pow, bulletproof ice or anywhere in between!

And this weekend we’re heading to the Gothic Mountain Tour, a 23.5-mile training event for the GT that explores the backcountry around Crested Butte. With over 5000 feet of elevation gain, it should be a butt-kicker and a beautiful, but humbling day out in the mountains. Stay tuned for our next post about the Tour. I’m sure we’ll have plenty of lessons to share and put into practice over the next month.

If you want to learn more about why we – Senior Editor of Elevation Outdoors, Chris Kassar & my hubby, Ryan Kempfer (both the creative talent behind Elk Raven Photography) are putting aside fear and doubt and tackling their longtime dream: the Grand Traverse, a 40-mile skimo race from Crested Butte to Aspen, check out our last 2 blogs here and here.

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