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RECCO Reconnaissance

RECCO’s reflector technology has typically been ignored by backcountry skiers in North America due to the remoteness of the terrain and lack of access to the detectors used to search for the company’s reflector technology. But it’s worth seriously thinking about— using gear that is embedded with small, lightweight reflectors. RECCO reflectors add another layer of protection in snow-covered mountains due to the rapid proliferation across the Americas of RECCO detectors among ski patrol and search and rescue organizations. Close to 100 professional patrollers, Search and Rescue organizations and national parks now have detectors on hand including ski patrollers at Vail, Taos, Breckenridge, Kirkwood and Big Sky. While these professionals may not be able to respond immediately to a burial (which is why you always carry a transceiver, shovel and probe in the backcountry), they will be able to find you much faster if you’re lost or injured in the wilds and have no cell service or other way to communicate your location. In the winter when a timely response to an injured or lost backcountry skier is essential, having a reflector on your helmet or in your jacket can literally mean the difference between life or death. For more information on RECCO’s rescue system, visit:

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